SACRED STEEL is another amazingly good Metal band hailing from Germany. Many fans
of Power / Speed Metal should be familiar with these guys. They have been spreading their
music since 1997 and have been going strong for well over fifteen years. These guys may
have been born in the late 90's, but they have that classic 80's Thrash / Power Metal sound
that was coming out of Germany back in the day. The music is a bit more thought out and
structured like and Epic Power Metal band, but they have that killer dual Thrash Metal guitar
sound of classic Thrash bands like
SUMMONING" is the bands 8th studio album and comes three years after their previous
release "CARNAGE VICTORY". Joanas Khalil & Jens Sonnenberg dual guitar attacks is the
driving force behind the bands high intensity sound along with the pounding drumming of
Mathias Straub. The band has a lot of their trade mark signature sound that will be familiar to
any fan of
SACRED STEEL, but they also add in a new freshness to their sound too. The
vocals are done in two styles of Power Metal with one being a melodic clean style and one
being a bit rougher almost Thrash like and they also add in some harsher gritty Thrash Metal
vocals too. These guys have out done themselves again with another amazing release. If you
weren't a fan of
SACRED STEEL in the past, then give "THE BLOODSHED
SUMMONING" a listen, because this will surely make you a fan! Crushing from beginning
to end!!!