Self Released

SAD EYES is a one man Death Metal project out of Spain. The main driving force and
mind behind
SAD EYES is Santi Gzlez. He does all the instruments, lyrics and composing
of the music. The only thing he doesn't do is the vocals, although on this release he has
brought in some other musicians to add their talents to the
SAD EYES sound. These guys
play a very heavily involved style of technical Death Metal music. There is a intense and
intricate song structure to each song. Each song stands out on it's own, but can easily be
known as a
SAD EYES song. The precision and skill that these musicians bring together
and what they have created is amazing. The vocals are done in a mid ranged thick and
aggressive Death growl style with some higher more screaming ones mixed within. The old
school elements of brutality and perfectly mixed in with modern technical Death Metal
sounds. There are a bunch of bands out there playing this style, but
SAD EYES is at the
top of their game. These guys should be signed to a major Death Metal label (
) and be exposed to a much bigger
audience. One of the best Tech Death bands out there at the moment! These guys could
stand tall and hold their own against any of the bands on the above mentioned labels. A
highly recommended band and album!
SAD EYES is one of my newest favorite Death
Metal bands and every Death fan should check them out and support this highly talented