Self Released

SANDPAPER SURPRISE is an American Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band based out of
Miami, Florida. These guys have been sick of the Metal scene in the past years and their
debut album "WIPE!!!" is the answer to the stale scene. The band features MetalSir
(guitarist/producer), Dan Ainlay (singer from the U.S. Power Metal band
) and Piney McGhee (drums). These guys have a gritty and dirty L.A. 80's Heavy
Metal style mixed with some polished clean and glossy sound. The band plays a mix of
Traditional 80's Heavy metal mixed with some 80's New Wave Of British Heavy Metal
(NWOBHM). There is a fun party attitude that dominates the majority of their sound with a
straight forward and in your face aggression. I liked how they blended these two styles
together as if they were always meant to be. It's as if you take
MOTLEY CRUE from the
"SHOUT AT THE DEVIL" era mixed with
VENGEANCE" era and get a perfect blend. I have been a big Metalhead since the late 70's &
early 80's and I can honestly say I have not heard a Heavy Metal band with such an original
sound, but with all the greatness of Metal from the 80's. If your an older Metal fan like
myself, then you need to check out
SANDPAPER SURPRISE, because you'll love the
surprise that you get!