Germany's SAPIENCY are back with their second full length album "TOMORROW".
These guys play a crushing style of Thrash / Death Metal music. They have a very
progressive modern Metal sound but they pull influences from the old school of Thrash
and Death metal. There is a killer grooved out vibe that flows through their music, this is
where the majority of the Thrash Metal influences come out. The heavier more aggressive
parts is where the Death Metal elements rise, but they also have a lot of melodic Death
Metal in their sound too. The guitar work of René Ritzmann & Holger Wenck reminds me
of a heavier Death Metal version of Glen Tipton & K.K. Downing of
mixed with the guys in
DRAGONFORCE as well as HAMMERFALL. They don't
sound like any of these guys, but have that same feel as those guys. The music has a
really thick bass groove sound that reminded me of
PRO-PAIN, with a bit more Thrash
and Progressive Metal mixed within. These guys have a lot going on and pull from a lot of
Metal sub-genres that just about every Metal fan will find something they love about
these guys. The vocals are done in a melodic mid ranged Death / Thrash crossover style
that reminded me of
RHAPSODY mixed with PRO-PAIN mixed with MALEVOLENT
. If you take these three bands and add in some early TESTAMENT,
& DEATH ANGEL you'd end up with
SAPIENCY! This means you need to go get this album now and play it loud!