SARCASM is a killer Thrash Metal band that started back in 1987 out of the former
Yugoslavia, now Slovenia. These guys started out playing Thrash Metal in a land where
this music wasn't ever recognized. "CREMATORY" was the bands first release, which
originally came out back in 1989. The album has been re-released numerous times and once
again, this time on
ON PAROLE RECORDS. This new addition of the album contains the
"CREMATORY" album, three demo tracks from 1988 and two studio session tracks from
1992. The band took a break in 1994 and returned to the scene in 1998. They play a fast
paced Thrash Metal style that has a European feel to it, which more feel like a German
Thrash Metal style from the late '80's and early '90's. The music is ultra tight and has a
killer groove all through out. There is a cool chugging forward sound in the guitars. The
drums actually remind me of early
SLAYER mixed with some early DESTRUCTION.
The vocals are done in a Thrash Metal style that reminded me a little bit like
OMEN meets
ANVIL. These guys are a huge part of the Thrash Metal underground history and every
Metal head should check them out!