SARCASM is a Thrash Metal band from former Yugoslavia that started back in 1987. This
album is a re-release of two of their former releases "IGRA NARVAE" (2002) and "DIVIJA
KRI" (2003). The band plays old school Thrash Metal music, because they were there at
the start of the Thrash Metal movement. The majority of their songs are sung in their native
language. They have a very strong European Thrash Metal sound, but you can hear some
influences of American Thrash Metal in their sound from time to time. This comes mostly
in the flashier guitar parts, where a lot of the all out shredding reminded me of German
Thrash Metal. The vocals this time around are done a little more melodic sounding and
reminded me a little more like
OMEN meets newer METALLICA with touches of
DEATH ANGEL mixed in. If you dig the above mentioned bands, then your gonna love
SARCASM has contributed to the history of the Thrash Metal underground scene!