SARCASM is a Slovenian Thrash Metal band that has been shredding away since 1987.
"THRASH" is the band sixth studio album to date and probably their heaviest. They place
classic old school Thrash Metal music in the vein of the late '80's Thrash Metal movement.
These guys have been a huge influence in their own country and in recent years have gotten
a lot of attention from around the world. After Metalheads get a listen to "THRASH" I'm
sure they will get a lot more attention. The music is done in a very aggressive and fast
paced Thrash Metal style that has a lot of groove and chugging riffs all through out. They
take that classic Thrash sound and add their own flavoring to make it their own. There is a
bunch of killer riffs that would get any Metal crowd wiped into a frenzy in the pit. The
vocals have a mid ranged gritty Thrash style with some clean Thrash vocals as well as
some lower ended and more growling / screaming styles added. These guys can shred with
the best of them and this new album proves it. The majority of the album is sung in the
bands native language with a few songs done in English. The Thrash movement is alive
and well still and bands like
SARCASM are helping keep it growing, since they were there
from the beginning and still kicking ass better than most. Thrash on!!!