SCEPTRE is a Thrash Metal band hailing from India and has been around for over 15
years. The band has released one demo and two full length releases, their newest one
being "AGE OF CALAMITY". The band is a killer Thrash metal band that pulls
influences from both the new and old school to create their sound. They have a very cool
and stylistic old school Thrash Metal sound that does remind me of American Thrash
Metal from the '80's with some more Modern Thrash Metal elements present. I think
some of the song structures and arrangements are more modern why a lot of the guitar
work has a classic Thrash Metal sound. The guitars reminded me of Scott Ian of
ANTHRAX in the early days as well as Kerry King of SLAYER. They have a very
distinct sound, just like these two legendary and great guitarist. I liked the breakdowns
and change ups in the songs a lot. I also loved how one song would be an all out Thrash
assault, while another songs would be a slick styled Thrash attack. Each song sounded
different enough to stand out on it's own, while still sounding similar enough to know it
was still
SPECTRE. The vocals of Samron Jude are done in a mid ranged harsh Thrash
Metal sound that reminded me of
I am a huge Thrash Metal fan and have just been able to added another great band to my
play list.
SCEPTRE should be given much props and respect for sustaining this long in a
country like India and they are at the top of their game in the Metal community of their
country. This album has an over all theme of woman empowerment and all the proceeds
from the album are going to a girl's orphanage. Even more reason to check out and
purchase this amazing release!