Starring: Gina Holden, Janna Pallaske, Lance Henriksen, Greg Bryk, Tim Rozen & more.

Lance Hendriksen stars in this Sci-Fi Horror film. In this second outing a team of rescuers from
Earth set out to answer an SOS signal they received from Sirius 6B. They go to find the survivors
from the first film. When they arrive they don't find many of the Screamer monsters from the first
film. They fight them off and eventually find some human survivors. They soon realize these human
survivors may not be who they think they are. The Screamers have learned to morph into human
form and use these disguises to draw in more humans for their flesh consumption. This second
outing put another twist on the film and added some extra intensity. I actually liked the second film
better than the first and it does help that Lance Hendriksen is in it as well. Both films are pretty
cool, but I guess you could follow this one with out seeing the first film.