Self Released

SCYTHIA is a killer Folk Metal band out of Vancouver, Canada. They have been churning
out their Progressive Metal mixed with Folklore since 2008. Each new release brings new
stories and more and more amazing music. I felt like I was at a Metal concert at my local
Renaissance Faire. The music on the Metal side tends to blend much Progressive Metal with
Thrash & Speed Metal and some touches of Traditional and Heavy metal music. When the
Folk Metal kicks in you feel like your at a pub somewhere off in a foreign land back in the
old days, just getting drunk with your mates and having a good time. I felt like it almost had
a Viking or Pirate type vibe with the folklore styled music. I have become a huge Folk Metal
fan over the years and
SCYTHIA has become one of my favorites. I have seen the PAGAN
 a few times around and SCYTHIA should be one of the top bands on the bill for that
show. If your into Folk Metal music you need to have these guys & gals in your collection.
A must for any fan of
& even AMON AMARTH. I find it hard to believe these guys have not been signed to any
label as of yet. There are many Folk Metal bands out there and
SCYTHIA is by far one of
the best ones. This is a must!!! Put On your war gear, raise your mugs and blast this album!