Self Released

SEA OF DISORDER is a two piece band from Austria that was formed back in 2011. The
band consists of Robert Czeko doing guitars, bass, FX and the artwork & Christian
Hubmann playing drums, bass, keyboard and guitars. The two of them have created a very
unique sounding band that combines many styles together. They mix in elements of
Post-Metal, Post-Rock, Ambient, Experimental, Prog Rock & Doom Metal music. All
these elements come shining through in their style and sound. Sometimes the styles will
melt together and sometimes one will dominate. The Ambient and Experimental parts come
through in the FXs that they add in the music. The Prog Rock comes through in a lot of the
song arrangements and passages. They then add in the Post-Rock and Post Metal parts
which have a bit of dreary darkness to them. There are a lot of odd time changes and
change ups as well. The music has a lot of atmosphere to it as well that creates a weird kind
of creeped out vibe. The slower more dirty parts is where the Doom & Sludge Metal
influences come into play. There are some slight vocal haunts from time to time, but if they
added more, it would take away from the rest of the music. These guys have created
something very special in the form of
SEA OF DISORDER that I believe everyone should
drown themselves in.