SECRET OF DARKNESS is based out of Czech Republic and formed back in 2005.
These guys play a mixture of Black / Death Metal music. They sway back and forth
between the two styles and between brutal and melodic styles of both genres. They have a
very full and powerful sound. The music itself is done more towards the Death Metal side
in the majority of the songs. It is also done in a technical style while still staying heavy and
brutal. They also mix in elements of new and old school Death Metal elements, which
remind me more of American Death Metal bands from the '90's. The faster more gritty
guitar parts tend to flow into Black Metal a little at times. The drums have a very tight and
sometimes spastic Black Metal feel, but then go into a straight forward brutal Death Metal
blast. In the more grooved out parts you can hear some Thrash Metal influences coming
out, especially in the guitar work and the drum arrangements. The vocals are a combination
of low ended Death Metal growls with mid ranged groggy Black Metal growls. These guys
would please fans of both old and new school Death / Black Metal music. I loved
everything about them and can't wait to hear more in the future from them. I am now going
to seek out their back catalog.