Self Released

SECRETPATH is a melodic Black / Death Metal band hailing from Italy back in 2008.
Over the years, like most bands they have gone through line up changes and some slight
musical changes. The bands major influence is Death Metal, but have many elements of
Black Metal and even some Gothic Metal infused into their sound. Their music tends to lean
towards and old school raw European Death Metal sound that was very popular in the late
90's. They then inject the raw dark and sometimes grimy European Black Metal elements.
This is what I really liked about their music. It reminded me of a lot of the bands that I would
trade cassette demos with from Italy, France & Greece from back in the day. There is just an
old world influence that comes out in their Black Metal style. They then add in some melodic
and gloomy Gothic Metal parts too. Sometimes in the guitar work they have a blackened
Thrash / Speed Metal vibe that sometimes reminded me of
Ferrante's vocals is where you can hear the different styles the most. He does low ended
thick and throaty Death growls added with mid ranged groggy Black Metal growls and
screams and every once in a while there are clean melodic Gothic Metal vocals. I know Italy
has given us a lot of great Black & Death Metal bands over the years and
yet another one to add to the list!