Starring: Jennifer Tilly, Redman, Brad Dorif, Billy Boyd, John Watters & more.

In this new edition of the Chucky legacy, there's a new edition to the family. A Hollywood movie is
being filmed & they see an interview with Jennifer Tilly on TV. They travel to Hollywood to see
them, thinking they're his parents. When he gets there they won't talk or move, so he reads an
incantation on the necklace he has to bring them to life. They go right to killing people on the set.
They want to become humans again, so they find two people to be their human body hosts. These
people happen to be Jennifer Tilly & her limo driver. They first artificially in pregnant Jennifer, so
their new found child can become human as well. Of course everything goes wrong & the killings
continue. This Chucky film has gone down the road of more comical than horror. There were some
cool parts, but it wasn't as good as