"UNLOVED" is the label debut release from Dallas' Texas' SEEKER. The members of
the band have been in the scene for years playing in previous bands around the area. Now
these guys are setting out to dominate the Metal scene. On this debut release they bring
everything they've got and then some. The music is done in a big mixture of Death Metal,
Metalcore, Deathcore, Hardcore, Mathcore & Experimental offerings. There is a heavily
involved and intricate pattern to their music. The music will take you all over the place
with some slow and strung out parts, right into some breakdowns and twists and turns
along the way. They will throw you into a spastic and chaotic passage and then a huge
stop and start grooved out part. These guys have a lot going on, that sounds kind of
chaotic at times, but it's a controlled chaos. The vocals follow the same path as the music
with low ended Death growls, mid ranged Hardcore screams and some higher pitched
harsher screams tossed in. The music reminded me of the madness I would see of
DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, back in the early days when I was living in Philly. Add in
some of the geniousness of
BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, some heavy parts of
CONVERGE, a bit of DESPISED ICON & some touches of ROTTEN SOUND and
you might come close to what
SEEKER has created. All I know is that "UNLOVED" is
one hell of a crushing debut release, which is going to be hard to top. If you think you can
handle the all out madness of
SEEKER then I strongly urge you to get your hands on this