SEIZURE CRYPT hails from New York and has been playing their spastic form of music
since 2004. These guys have a crazy sound that blends elements of mostly Punk & Hardcore
music. As you delve deeper into their sound you can hear lots of Thrash Metal, Grindcore &
Noisecore styles shinning through as well. The bands foundation is built from a solid old
school style of Hardcore & Punk Rock. It reminded me of harsh L.A. Hardcore from the 80's
mixed with Punk from New York in the 80's. I grew up an 80's kid and this is when I really
starting getting heavily into music.
SEIZURE CRYPT reminds me of a lot of the music I
got exposed to when I was hanging out with a lot of my friends and skateboarding.
SEIZURE CRYPT has that raw, aggressive and spastic sound that was popular back then.
They sometimes reminded me of the early days of
THE BEASTIE BOYS when they were
a Punk band. "YOU'VE BEEN HAD!" has definitely shown some progression in the band
from their early releases. If you think of
G.G. ALLEN mixed with the CRO-MAGS,
& early BEASTIE BOYS then you'll get a close idea of what
SEIZURE CRYPT has to offer!