SEND ME HOME is a Hardcore band out of Connecticut that formed back in 2012. "THE
STRUGGLE" is the bands first release so far and what a powerful release it is. They play a
newer style of Hardcore music that could almost be considered as Screamo or Metalcore by
a lot of people. I am not a fan of Screamo, so I wouldn't put them in that category, but I
could see the Metalcore genre. They play an aggressive and angry sounding Hardcore style
of music, but they toss in some more melodic & Post Hardcore type parts. There are some
really killer grooved out parts with some chant along vocals as well. They do mix in a lot of
stop and starts, as well as breakdowns and change ups. These were my favorite parts of
their sound. They add in the clean and crisp guitar riffing that is found in a lot of Metalcore
bands these days too. The vocals are done in a pissed off sounding Hardcore type
scream,with an occasional growl and some melodic Post Hardcore vocals mixed within. The
one thing that will probably turns some people off is that they are a Christian Hardcore
band. I have never understood how you could scream so angry and pissed off about the love
of Christ and doing good, but I really don't care, because if the music is good I will listen. I
don't believe or agree with everything all my Death Metal & Black Metal favorite bands
sing about, but the music is really good, so I listen! I believe everyone has the right to
believe what they want as long as they treat each other with respect! Regardless of what
SEND ME HOME sing about, the main thing is, is that they a very good Hardcore band
and everyone needs to give them a listen! Some killer Hardcore at it's finest!