Self Released

Wow! I was blown away by these guys from the very start of "DYSTOPIA" all the way
to the end. From the album cover and band logo I wasn't really expecting such a massive
solid sound like they have. These guys hail from San Antonio, Texas and play a very killer
style of Metalcore music. The music is not your typical Metalcore sound though. They
add in a lot of atmospheric and melodic parts as well. The music at times will sound like a
straight up Hardcore band and at others a straight forward Metalcore act. In the slower
more melodic parts they tend to have the feel of a Post Hardcore type band. I prefer the
faster parts over the slower, but I do like when bands mix it up like they do. There is a lot
of crunchy shredding guitar parts that are filled with a lot of groove. I do like the
breakdowns and the stop and start parts a lot. The way they make the faster more pissed
of and angry parts flow smoothly into the more melodic and soothing parts is amazing. The
vocals are done in a mid ranged Hardcore screaming style blended with a lower more
growling Death Metal style. The fact that these guys haven't been signed yet is beyond me.
A lot of labels are snagging up these Metalcore bands like crazy, but these guys are better
than most out in the scene today! Check these guys out, cause you'll love what you hear,
especially if your into bands like