Wings Of Destruction

Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia comes this massive Death Metal juggernaut known as
SEPTORY. These guys have been spreading their Death Metal madness since 2005.
"SEDUCTIVE ART PROFANE" is the bands third release to date. These guys play old
school Death Metal with some slight touches of Thrash Metal tossed in the mix. The
music is very brutal with lots of fast aggressive parts, but at the same time it has a strong
technical Death Metal sound as well. The slight Thrash Metal elements appear mostly in
the guitar work. The vocals are done in a mid ranged Death growls style. I could see
everyone from Thrash Metal fans, Death Metal fans and Metalcore fans all loving this
band. I wouldn't be surprised if these guys exploded in the next few years and became one
of the more popular and well known bands in the underground Death Metal scene. I know
they deserve to be bigger than they are now!