SEROCS was started back in 2009 as a one man project by guitarist Antonio Freyre. The
band later grew to a full band with Timo Häkkinen (
SOTAJUMALA), Mike Poggione
MONSTROSITY) and Jason Hohenstein (ex-LECHEROUS NOCTURNE) joining the
fold. These guys hail from all over the world and the album "THE NEXT" was recorded in
eight different cities from around the world. They play a very crushing old school style of
Death Metal music, but with a technical style. The music reminded me of some of the
bands that were coming out of Czech Republic & Russia in the mid '90's as well as some of
the bands Singapore, Malaysia & Japan. There is a fast paced technical sound, but it is
smothered by raw brutality. The sound reminds me of back in the day when I was doing a
lot of demo tape trading and everything didn't have that crystal clean polished sound. This
is raw and I love it. The vocals are done in a mid ranged hallowed Death growl / scream
style with some lower ended Death haunts mixed in. If
& CARCASS were melted together to create one super
group, it would be SEROCS! How can you go wrong with that comparison, you can't! So
go get this album and crank it loud and often!