"THE FIRE IS MINE" is the third offering from Florida based SEVEN KINGDOMS.
plays a very strong style of Power Metal mixed with Thrash Metal
music. The band has been around since 2007 and have honed their craft and are definitely
one of the best newer bands out there playing this style of music. The bands foundation is in
the Thrash Metal genre playing mostly Modern Thrash Metal, but you can definitely hear
the influences of old school Thrash Metal in their sound. They then in many elements of
Power & Progressive Metal as well. The Progressive aspects come together in the songs
arrangements and structures, that are extremely intricate and has many levels. The Power
Metal influences come in the form of the clean & polished sound they have. The Power
Metal really comes into play with the beautiful, angelic and melodic vocals of Sabrina
Valentine. Her amazingly crystalline vocals really help define the bands sound and let them
stand out in a genre that is mostly male vocals. The duel vocals of the male and female
vocals together on some songs adds a little more flavouring to their sound too.
has been developing a great following over the years and have open for some
major bands in the Metal genre, but after this release they should definitely becoming a
headlining only act. Their sound reminds me more of the Prog / Power / Thrash Metal bands
coming out of Europe, which is why I was a little surprised they were from Florida. As said
in the other
NIGHTMARE RECORDS releases reviews, if your a fan of any bands from
this label, then you will also love
SEVEN KINGDOMS. Truly an amazing release from
start to finish. One of my new favorite Progressive Metal bands! Loved it!