SEXCREMENT crawled from the sewers of the Boston Massachusetts area back in 2005.
These guys play a sick twisted grooved out style of Death Metal music. The band is
cemented in the Death Metal genre, but add in little touches of Grind and Thrash Metal in
certain places. There is a strong influence of old school Death Metal in their sound. They
reminded me of bands like
& MALIGNANCY. Not that these guys are copying any of these bands,
just that they are in the same style. There is a cool groove that runs through out most of
their songs that kind of runs you over like a steamroller. The vocals are a mid ranged
groggy and gruff Death Metal growl. If you are into some of the bands mentioned above
or the majority of bands on the
COMATOSE MUSIC label than your gonna love these
guys! They're a killer Death Metal band with a lot of staying power in the Death Metal
scene, as long as they keep putting out top quality music like this!