Self Released

SHAPE MY CLARITY hail from Germany and formed in the summer of 2009. These
guys are trying to put a new spin on the Metal scene musically and visually. They call their
style of music "Neon Metal". One reason is for their stage shows they perform. They do an
all black light stage show, which is much different than the typical pyrotechnics of most
Metal bands out there. They also have a slightly dark Metal sound, but infuse a lot of new
stuff into their sound, which makes them stand out amongst the sea of other Metal bands,
just like Neon does. They would probably best fit in the Metalcore genre, but they are in no
way a typical Metalcore band. They have a ton of Progressive Metal elements in their
music, especially in the arrangements of the songs. They also add in many Emo, Screamo &
Modern Metal influences. There are some touches of Post Hardcore and Alternative Metal
as well. A lot of the music is done in a heavier style, but they do add in some slower and
more melodic parts too. I really dug the way they break things up from the spastic fast
paced aggression into an almost stop then into some melodic slower stuff and then back into
the intense stuff. The vocals follow the same path as the music. There are mid ranged
Metalcore screams and growls, Post Hardcore screams and melodic vocals, then some
straight up Emo vocals with some clean Alternative Metal vocals. These guys have
definitely taken the Metal sound to different places. If you have an open mind and like some
variety in your Metal, then
SHAPE MY CLARITY is the band for you.