SHATTERED SUN hails from Alice, Texas and has been driven their style of Metal
music into the ears of anyone they can since 2005. The band finally have gotten heard and
"HOPE WITHIN HATRED" is the bands debut release on
These guys melt together a few sub-genres in Metal. They first come off to me at least as
more of a technical Thrash Metal band. They definitely have that classic Thrash Metal
sound, but they add in some more modern Thrash as well, this is where the more technical
stuff comes into play. They then throw in some elements of straight up Heavy Metal,
this is mostly in the more smooth and melodic parts are. Then they throw in some
Metalcore parts as well. I mostly hear this when they go from some all out brutal and
blasting stuff and then switch to a melodic and grooved out part and then back again.
These guys go in a few different directions with their sound and it pays off. This helps
them sound fresh and stand out, while still giving people familiar sounds to grab a hold of
go along for the ride. The vocals follow the same path as the music, going from low ended
Death growls into mid ranged throaty almost Hardcore type screams and then into some
melodic Post / Thrash type vocals. I could definitely see these guys getting really big and
gaining a larger fan base along the way. Check them out now, before they explode and
they are everywhere.