Self Released

SHRIKE is a crushing Black / Death Metal band from Berlin, Germany. They have been
spewing forth their madness since 2006 and "SIEBEN" is the bands second release to
date. They base their music on a Death Metal foundation but layer in many elements of
Black Metal to their sound. The Black Metal elements tend to lean more towards the old
school style of raw, fast and aggressive Black Metal. They reminded me of a lot of the
bands coming out of Europe in the early '90's. The Death Metal side of the band leans
more towards a mid '90's European meets U.S. styled Death Metal. The music is low
ended raw and has a very thick sound to it. It takes me back to a lot of the bands I was
hearing coming out of the Mid West in the '90's. The vocalist, Uwe sings in a mid to low
ended Death Metal growl style with some mid ranged and haunting groggy Black Metal
growls mixed in. The part I dug the most was that in certain parts they added in some
jungle like drums to change up their sound. It was very cool and different & I can't recall
any other band I've heard playing this style do that. These guys are definitely for the old
school Metal heads and especially anyone into Black / Death Metal music. These guys
are really killer and I wish that they would put out more material more often!!!