Self Released

"PINE" is the newest offering from this Wisconsin Black Metal outfit. The band has
been unleashing their brand of Black Metal since 1999. After a long break between
releases, they put out two last year, one being a compilation of older material. This year
sees the band continuing at what they do best. They have created a dark, brooding style
of Black Metal that mixes old & new elements from the black Metal genre. There is a real
rawness & harshness that takes you back to the early days of Black metal's birth and it
reminds me of a lot of the bands coming out of Europe at the time. There is a static guitar
sound that just keeps pushing the music in your face. This also reminds me of the early
days. The way some of the songs are arranged and structured are more involved on many
levels which reminds me of a  lot of the more modern Black Metal styles. The vocals also
go back and forth between old school harsh screaming growls and more mid ranged
slightly cleaner Black Metal growls. These guys have been around for awhile and have
just gotten better with each new release and "PINE" is by far their best outing to date.
Killer American Black Metal with and old school European Black Metal feel.