SIDIOUS is a Symphonic Black Metal band hailing from London, England. These guys
rose up from the ashes of the band
SEED OF DETEST. The band features two members
of the Doom / Death Metal band
EYE OF SOLITUDE. SIDIOUS is a breath of fresh air,
when it comes to the Black / Death Metal scene. They have taken from the old school
sound and molded it to create a newer version. They definitely have that early '90's
European Black Metal vibe with some slight '90's American Death Metal thrown into the
mix. They have kept the dark a brooding evilness of early Black Metal, merged it with
brutal and aggressive Death Metal and given it a more modern sound. I loved the blast
beats that run all through out their music with the cold harsh Black Metal style. The vocals
also combine the two styles with mid ranged throaty Black Metal growls mixed with lower
Death Metal growls and the occasional higher Black Metal scream growl thrown in. The
one band that kept coming to mind the most was the great
BEHEMOTH if they were
mixed with early
EMPEROR. If you add in some touches of MARDUK, VADER &
as well, then you will get the great sound that is SIDIOUS! Fans older
& newer Black Metal are going to love these guys! I know I did!