"GRAVEWARD" is the tenth studio release from Japanese Black Metal band SIGH.
These guys have been creating blasting Black Metal for over 2 years now and there
hopefully will be another 25 years. They are in no way the typical Black Metal band that
most Metal fans would be used to. They add in a lot of Experimentation and Noise to their
Black Metal sound. They will take you through a slightly normal passage and then you
will get suck up in a whirlwind of chaotic weird noises and then into some atmospheric
and brutal parts all at the same time. The music almost makes you feel like your in some
chaotic and stressful scene from a disaster movie combined with a Horror movie mixed
with some touches of
of it. They are very dramatic, full and highly explosive. As said above, they are not the
typical Black Metal band. There are male and female vocals running through out, with mid
ranged gritty male Black Metal vocals with a slight Thrash Metal feel. Then they mix in
the clean and fast female vocals and the low ended male Death growls. On top of all this,
there are some clean chanting and melodic vocals as well. "GRAVEWARD" is, in my
SIGH's most diverse and experimental album ever, with all the elements of
previous outings mixed with in and is by far their best album to date. I loved every little
weird part and all the crazy change ups. I love the way Japanese bands can take typical
Metal music and twist it up and create something very original and unique. If you have
never heard
SIGH before, then start hear and work your way through their back catalog!
Remember to go in with an open mind and expect the unexpected!!! On truly talented and
amazing band!!!