Tokyo Japan's SIGH have released another amazing album in the form of "IN
SOMNIPHOBIA". This is the bands ninth studio album to date and it surpasses all pass
efforts. The band plays Avant-garde Black Metal music. This is in no way your typical
Black Metal band. These guys add in much flavouring to help them stand apart from all
the rest. They have added in everything from Traditional Heavy Metal, Jazz, Classical,
Classic Rock, Traditional Indian music, Experimental and more. This is injected into their
unique Black Metal style. This is by far the most varied album they put out that takes
you on a crazy ride they like to say falls somewhere between reality and a sonic
nightmare. If you are an open minded Metal head that doesn't mind some bizarre
arrangements & sounds infused into their Metal, then your gonna love this band! This is
a journey that you won't soon forget and that you'll want to take over and over again.