Starring: Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Clive Owen, Nick Stahl, Elijah Wood & more.

I was so anxious to see this film from the very first posters & trailers I saw for it. I was familiar
with Frank Miller's comic book series, but never read it. I loved his art work from the comics &
they portrayed it extremely well in the movie. I also loved the black & white with splashes of color
here & there. This movie fucking rules! I loved it! There are three different stories being told at the
same time & they inter mix with each other at times. Bruce Willis is a detective who saves a little
girl from a child molester. The child molester happens to be the son of the governor of Sin City. The
second & best story is about Marv (played by Mikey Rourke). He is a huge scarred up & battered
up guy who always seems to make trouble where ever he goes. When a beautiful hooker falls for
him & she is then murdered he goes on a rampage to find a killer. The third story is about a man
who is out to stop a gang who do nothing but cause trouble through out Sin City. He teams up with
a gang of hookers who are tough a shit & run part of the city to stop the gang. These women are the
toughest people in Sin City & the last people you want to cross. See this amazing movie it is