The Dutch Death Metal legends SINISTER are back with another slab of intense and brutal
SINISTER formed back in 1988 in The Netherlands and have grown to be one of
the leading Death metal giants in the scene. These guys play a straight forward old school
style of Death Metal music filled with tons of slams, blasts and brutality all through out.
They have a very cool, almost Swedish Death Metal style mixed with 90's European Death
Metal. The music is extremely tight and well written with lots of stop and start parts with
grooved flavored everywhere. Adrie Kloosterwaard's vocals are done in a mid ranged thick
Death Metal growl style and in my opinion is one of the best Death Metal vocalists in the
scene today. They have such a huge massive full Death Metal sound and play a crushing
style that fans of old school & new school Death Metal will love this band. These guys have
built their legacy from their first releases "DIABOLICAL SUMMONING" back in 1993 all
the way up to "THE CARNAGE ENDING" in 2012. These guys showed signs of making a
great name for themselves in the underground scene and "THE CARNAGE ENDING" is
just another piece of the legacy that proves why these guys are legendary. I believe these
guys just keep getting better and better with each new release and you keep thinking they
will never top what they just did and amazingly they do! One of the best Metal bands ever!
If you have never heard these guys before, what the hell's wrong with you? Get this album
and work your way through their back catalog. You will be blasting this loud for years to
come! Simply amazing!!!