SINISTER REALM formed back in 2008 out of Allentown, Pennsylvania. These guys
play true American Heavy Metal music. They are keeping the American Steel alive and
once again with their third offering "WORLD OF EVIL". These guys play a very stylized
and technical style of Traditional Heavy Metal with some other elements in the mix. Their
sound is reminiscent of that of the '80's, but with some Epic Metal, Power Metal and
Speed Metal all within. The Epic Metal is kind of done in the vein of bands like
IRON MAIDEN with a bit of a darker feel. The Power Metal also is done in a DIO meets
JUDAS PRIEST style with some early IRON MAIDEN. The slight Speed Metal parts
come through in some of the guitar arrangements and remind me a lot of bands like
RAVEN, OMEN, ANVIL & SAXON. The vocals are done in a melodic and powerful Epic
style that would be a combination of Rob Halford from
JUDAS PRIEST, Bruce Dickenson
IRON MAIDEN & Ronnie James Dio of DIO. Add in some touches of MERCYFUL
& CANDLEMASS as well to round out their sound. This music has such a huge
sound that it engulfs you and takes you to a whole other realm. I used to leave near
Allentown, Pennsylvania and wish I would have been able to catch these guys live,
hopefully one day though.
SINISTER REALM is a massive Metal band from the skilled
song writing to the professionalism of the musicians. I highly recommend every Metal fan
to pick this album up. It is one of the best Metal albums I have heard in years!