Self Released

SINOCENCE is a Metal act out of Belfast, Northern Ireland and was formed back in
2000. I have been reviewing a lot of these guys past releases over the years and they just
keep getting better with each new release. "NO GODS, NO MASTERS VOLUME 1" is no
exception. The guys change their sound up a little with each new release. This time around
they have more of a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal sound with Thrash Metal elements mixed all
through out. The majority of their sound has an old school classic Heavy Metal sound that
would come straight out of the '80's, but they have a more serious sound. The guitar work
is where a lot of the Thrash Metal influences come in to play. They have that very cool
grooving shredding feel and then in the faster parts they are more straight up groove Thrash
Metal. The music at times does have a bit of a Prog Rock vibe to it. The vocals is where a
lot of the melodic Traditional Heavy Metal sounds come in. The vocals are done in a clean
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal style with some of the vocals done in a faster more aggressive
style mixed with some slower and more melodic vocals. These guys have put out a lot of
releases over the years and I would have to say this one is my favorite so fare. It has the
most diversity all while still staying in the Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal genres!