"SCATTERED HORIZONS" is the debut release from Vienna, Austria's SIREN'S CRY.
This band is a new and fresh take on the Progressive / Power Metal genre. The band is
fronted by Katie Joanne who's beautiful and powerful vocal range makes her one of the
best female vocalist in Metal that I have ever heard. She has such a huge range and total
control over her vocals. She can go from faster paced and more aggressive to a melodic and
grooved oriented style all the way up to an operatic style. The band is very symphonic is
sound all with a very Progressive edge. They do blend in some Power Metal aspects to
their music as well. This mostly comes out in the style of the guitar work. Phillip R.
Porter's guitars go from full on classic Power Metal crystal clear and clean to intricate and
heavily involved Progressive Metal guitars. The inclusion of keyboards really helps give
the band that symphonic full sound that helps take you on a journey with each new song.
The keyboards along with Katie's vocals really set the pace for the whole band and let you
escape to another world. There is a darker feel to their music that tends to lean towards the
Gothic Metal vibe.
SIREN'S CRY is one of the most original and extremely talented bands
I have heard in a long time. I have become a huge fan of the Progressive / Power Metal
scene over the years and found a fondness for female Metal vocalist.
embodies everything that is great about these genres and have taken the style to a whole
new level. If you haven't heard the
SIREN'S CRY before then you must. It will suck you
in and make you want to follow them anywhere! One of the best releases I have heard all