SISTER SIN is a Heavy Metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden that has been around since
2003. Sweden is known for it's amazing Metal bands, but
SISTER SIN, definitely stands
amongst them all.
SISTER SIN is a female fronted  Heavy Metal band, playing Traditional
Metal, but with a heavier edge. They have a killer 80's Heavy Metal sound with a more
modern, heavier and faster style. They remind me of a mixture of
MOTORHEAD all mixed together with DORO mixed with WENDY O WILLIAMS
of THE PLASMATICS on vocals. There is a dirty, almost Punk Rock vibe to their sound
and look as well. These two DVD's are songs taken from the bands newest album "NOW
AND FOREVER". In the "Hearts Of Cold" video lead singer Liv is a bar maid in a sleazy
club that gets in the middle of a bar fight, when one of the guys comes to her rescue. It turns
into a romance and they going on a killing, robbing spree that some what reminded me of
Mickey & Malorie from
NATURAL BORN KILLERS. In "End Of The Line" Liv is a
escapee from a mental institution trying to get her freedom, while it looks as the band is
playing in a burned out and destroyed basement. The band footage is mixed with clips of war,
death and destruction. On this disc there is a bonus video for "Rock N Roll", which is a cover
of the great
MOTORHEAD classic. It is done in a live setting and also features Doro Pesch
on guest vocals.
SISTER SIN is a very cool and fresh breath of air to a sometimes stale
Metal scene!!!