Starring: Jeffrey Falcon, Justin McGuire, Kim De Angelo, Stephane Gauger, Clifford Hugo & more.

This is an independent film that was kind of interesting. It's about a the Russians bombing the
planet in 1959 & taking control of the world. The only city still standing is Lost Vegas & their king
"Elvis" was just killed. Now anyone can go to the city to become king. The lead character is a
Buddy Holly look alike, who is traveling the road to Lost Vegas to become king. Along the way he
runs into many interesting characters & saves a little boy, who tags along on his journey. The film
reminded me of T
HE WIZARD OF OZ meets THE ROAD WARRIOR, with lots of Rockabilly
& Samurai stuff tossed in the mix. This was a pretty decent film with a cool kind of twist & mix of
styles. This is well worth checking out.!!!