Self Released

SIXONEOSIX has released a new three song release shortly under year since their last
release. Hailing from Sweden this Death Metal based band has a slightly different sound
that usually comes from their home country. The bands foundation is Death Metal, but
they add in some Modern sounds as well as Thrash & Traditional Metal too. The music
is very thick sounding with some Death grooves, switch ups & melodic parts blended all
through out. The vocals also follow the same path with some spastic Death growls &
screams mixed with slower more melodic clean vocals. One band that kept coming to
mind when listening to these guys was
IN FLAMES. They are more like the bands
newer material. If your a fan of
IN FLAMES than your sure to love this band. They
have progressed tremendously in just under a year. Very impressive preview to what
is to come from these guys!