Self Released

SKELECTORY was a very interesting band right from the start, actually right from their
name. These guys hail from Maryland and play a very unique combination of melodic /
symphonic Metal music with Industrial elements. The band started out back in 2005-2006 as
a one man project by Armand Svalbe, who then later recruited Zy on vocals. The band is
basically a two piece with the help of session guitarist Maero. Both Armand & Zy also do
software operating to create some of their sounds. The music is very atmospheric and has a
bit of a Gothic Metal feel to it at times. This is because of some of the cold, dark and dreary
parts in their music. They also add in some harsher more dramatic parts, which is where a lot
of the Industrial parts come into play. The symphonic parts reminded me a lot of a lot of
Black Metal bands from Europe. This is a very cool concept and combination of styles. I
prefer mostly the faster more aggressive music, but I do like to break it up from time to time
and this is the perfect band for that. Check these very talented and creative musicians out!