SKELETAL SPECTRE is a very unique and diverse band that has gone through some
changes over the years.
SKELETAL SPECTRE hails from both Sweden and the USA.
With members from two different countries and adding in their influences, there is no
wonder why they are a special band. They play a mixture style of Doom infused Death
Metal music. The music definitely has an old European Death Metal feel to it. It also has a
lot of low ended American Death Metal influences as well. The old European feel also has a
Black Metal vibe to it. It is very cold and harsh feeling like a lot of the bands coming out of
Greece, France and Italy in the late '80's & early '90's. There is a thick Doom Metal groove
that covers most of their sound too. I liked the slower more Sludge like parts that drag
through some of the songs. The American Death Metal is definitely present in the faster
more aggressive parts. You can even hear some slight Thrash Metal in the guitar riffing.
Adding in the female vocals of Vanessa Nocera surely adds a different touch to their sound.
She takes her vocals from mid ranged clean almost Traditional Heavy Metal vocals into
lower ended Death growl vocals then to mid ranged harsher Black Metal type vocals.
SKELETAL SPECTRE is one of those bands that's a hidden gem in the underground
Metal scene. There is so much going on here and the band showcases how much talent and
love for the Metal genres they have. "VOODOO DAWN" has quickly become one of my
favorite releases of he year. One Hell of a release all around. Ever Metal collection should
SKELETAL SPECTRE in it! I loved this release and can't wait to hear what's next
from them!