"FOREVER ABOMINATION" is the third release of SKELETONWITCH on
PROSTHETIC RECORDS. These Ohio based Death Metalers have really been tearing
up the Metal scene with each new release. This new release really showcases how far the
band has come and how much they have evolved and improved. The band plays a crushing
style of Death metal music that incorporates many elements of Thrash Metal. This is
mostly present in the guitars with the arrangements and riffs. There is high speed
shredding all through out. The band also has a blasting speed in the drums that pours out
hyper adrenaline everywhere. The change ups and breakdowns really help give the band
more depth.
SKELETONWITCH is another band that emerged on the scene within the
past 10 years that a lot of bands starting now are trying to be like. I've seen these guys
live with
GWAR and if you love their albums then you must see them live. These guys
put on one hell of a show!