SK[EYES] started out in 2013 as a studio project, but quickly became a full fledged band.
These guys play a melodic and progressive style of Metalcore music. The bands sound at
the core is a typical Metalcore sound, but what really sets them apart is their placement of
the melodic parts in their songs. They go from a very grooved out and aggressive
Metalcore style and then slowly drift into a melodic clean and atmospheric part. At times
they will come to a complete halt and start into a melodic part and stop again and straight
back into the faster more rambunctious parts. I liked this a lot, because it helped set them
apart from the sea of other bands out there playing this style. There was a slight feel of
Post Hardcore thrown in the mix as well. This was also more in the atmospheric and
emotional parts. I'm not big into the Post Hardcore scene, but I really liked the way they
combined these styles. The vocals, just like the music go from harsh aggro pissed off
Metalcore growls and screams into Hardcore screams and then into the Post Hardcore
clean and melodic vocals. If you like your Metalcore with a little flare then your going to
SK[EYES]. Check these guys out, because they have something that is going to keep
them around for a long time if they keep putting out quality material like "EMPTY