SKINEATER was formed back in October 2008 by Håkan Stuvemark after departing the
VICIOUS. They are based out of Sweden, so there is no surprise that they are a killer
Death Metal band. The music has a strong old school, mid 90's type Death Metal vibe, with
some slight modern Death Metal elements as well. The music tends to be very brutal and
blasting all through out, which reminds me of the stuff that was being created back in the
early 90's. The more modern aspects of the bands sound comes in the form of the technical
side of the band. Even though they are fast paced and brutal they are also very technical
sounding. They kind of reminded me of
JOB FOR A COWBOY, but if they started back in
the early 90's. The vibe of the band also has a more American Death Metal style, rather than
a Swedish sound. I loved how the music goes very fast, then they kick it up into ultra fast
and then drop you back down into a more grooved out and melodic style. The vocal styling
of Jorgon Strom is one of my favorite in Death Metal, because it's the thick throaty harsh
Death Metal growl, but it's just clear enough to be able to understand what is being said. The
guitar work of Håkan Stuvemark & Kari Kainulainen is where a lot of the technical and
progressive Death metal comes into play. As I became a big fan of
when they started out, I am now a big fan of
SKINEATER and feel that everyone should
give these guys your support and attention, even if your an old school or new school Death
Metal fan, because they truly deserve it! Can't wait to see what they throw at us next!!!