Formed in 2011, Southern California's SKINFATHER have unleashed a new Death
Metal / Hardcore Crossover master piece. "NONE WILL MOURN" is the bands first full
length release that follows two previous EP's. These guys definitely fit in the Death
Metal genre, but they also have that Hardcore vibe happening as well. Most people
would probably place them in the Deathcore genre, but they don't sound like the majority
of bands playing that style. The band has been influenced by early '90's Swedish Death
Metal bands, especially
DISMEMBER, from which they have taken their name. They
kind of play an updated version of this style and this is where the Hardcore type
elements come in. They have some very thick and grooved out parts that then go from
blasts and then hit some breakdowns with some heavy down tuned riffs. The vocals are
done in a throaty and haunted drawn out Death growl style. I loved the chugging Death /
Hardcore driven beats the most, because they are the main force pushing these guys in
your face. If you dig bands like
& VOMITORY then your going to
love these guys as well. Get this disc and blast it! It shreds from beginning to end.
"Hellish Grave" is by fare my favorite track, total
DISMEMBER worship!!!!