I always feel that I should make some kind of comment on “originality”,  I think, simply
out of habit, being a reviewer since the time that an original idea within extreme Metal
would even be theoretically possible. Obviously, originality isn't the goal (…or even
possible??), but the proliferation of bands doing the music justice and beyond that, is
very much the goal.
SLAUGHTERDAY play Death Metal and just looking at the cover,
it's fairly easy to tell the specific sounds they will be going for. Namely Swedish Death
Metal from the original classic period. This German two piece band formed in 2010 have
previously released one demo and one CD (2013‘s “COSMIC HORRENDOUS
NIGHTMARE VORTEX”) and since “RAVENOUS” has been out, they've released a
new full length called “LAWS OF THE OCCULT” just within these past couple of
months. This EP’s worth of material (4 tracks and just under 20 minutes), was released
on CD and LP through
F.D.A. REKOTZ and SLAUGHTERDAY even supplied the
faithful with a cassette version with help from
Releasing and buying mini albums are usually not labels or fans first priority, so it's even
more important for the music herein to stand on it own merits. For not having heard any
other music from
SLAUGHTERDAY, I’m probably not the best one to judge as to the
band’s other material, but alone, this is a damn fine piece of work. Musically, like I said,
Sweden circa 1990 is this band’s target. Specifically
CARNAGE come to mind as Jens
Finger’s guitar licks are VERY akin to that of the legendary Michael Amott. At first
listen, the music sounds like good, heavy Death Metal, chugging along, and then the first
guitar lead breaks in and I think “Hold the fuck up!!!!”. Far and away the guitar player
and guitar production are the elements that are going to keep this reviewer happily
gulping down the Kool-Aid, that’s for certain!!! The first three tracks here are all really
solid and even memorable (which is becoming more and more a task as time goes on and
as Death Metal multiplies exponentially), but the real kicker is the fourth song they dig
up one of my favorite old songs from one of the finest Death Metal bands ever to soil the
Earth… They do an AMAZING cover of the
ACHERON classic “Ave Satanas”. I
suppose, it's possible my admiration for a band who would choose such an ultimate
classic from a great band LOADED with classic tracks and then BLOW THE DOORS off
with it, has possibly, favorably tinged my appreciation for “RAVENOUS“, but I will
now be looking for other material from this band when I go to the record store. That’s
pretty much the job of a mini album anyway.  Well…Job WELL done!

                                                                                            - Reviewed by Keith Dempe