Dublin, Ireland's SLAVE ZERO are back with their new five track EP
"DISAMBIGUATED VISIONARY". This is their follow up to their 2009 release
"EXEMPT FROM ALL TOLERANCE". I have been a big fan of these guys for a long
time and even did an interview with them back in the day as well as helped distribute their
releases. They have changed a bit over the years, going from a straight up Thrash Metal
band and merging more towards a Death Metal band. These guys have taking their Thrash
Metal sound and melted into a Death Metal sound that takes me back to the '90's when
Thrash was crossing over into Death Metal. Kind of like what
EXODUS did for a while there. The music is well written and highly executed. There is
still a lot of that chugging groove in their guitar sound that they had before, but with a
heavier sound. They have added a lot more stop and start parts and lots more blasts beats
through out. The music has been taken up a few notches in speed as well. The biggest
difference, to me is the vocals. They are done in a mid ranged to low ended Death growl
style with some screechy higher pitched growls mixed in.
SLAVE ZERO is a band that has
progressed their musical abilities and sound with each new release. Even though they are
going in a slightly different direction, they are still achieving that goal and they will always
be one of my favorite underground Metal bands!