SOFISTICATOR is a superb Thrash band from Italy's finest Metal groups. They play
brilliant Crossover Punk to Thrash with metallic lightning speed. They remind me of
early Canadian Thrash flavors with hyper vigilant riffing like the all mighty German
KREATOR. The vocal style from Popi is very Thrashy / Punk, but it's not
annoying - its pure raw power and interesting style to say the least. There are amazing
back bark vocals too - good and powerful and up in the mix. You wanna put this slab on
when you are inviting your Metal brothers over for a beer and cheers night. But be
warned someones house might get destroyed Baloff style by the stroke of midnight!!  
With these epic anthems of Metal, all fourteen tracks blister...and I love the twisted
guitar runs - its very epic - superior bullet-belt Thrash at its best!! A+!!!

                                                                                                             - Roddy Haybaker