SOLOTHUS is a Death Metal band hailing from Finland that started back in 2007.
"RITUAL OF THE HORNED SKULL" was originally released back in 2011 and was
re-released in 2013 on cassette by
NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST. This newer version
contains one extra song, "A Call To War" that was not on the original release. The band
builds off a Death Metal foundation by adding in elements of Thrash Metal and Black
Metal. The majority of their sound is low ended raw Death Metal in the style of '90's
European Death Metal. In the slower more groove and melodic parts is where some of the
Thrash Metal influences are present. This is mostly in the guitar sounds and arrangements.
This is also where some of the Black Metal comes into play. Some of the guitar
arrangements have that atmospheric Black Metal vibe to them. The dark, cold and dreary
over all feel of the music is where more Black Metal comes into play. The vocals are done in
a slower more drawn out Black / Death Metal growl style and then at other times the vocals
become faster and more aggressive Death Metal growls. If your a fan of early '90's European
Black Metal then your going to love these guys. They deliver the goods and do it better than
a lot of the bands from that time. Blackened Death Thrash at it's finest!!!