SONIC REIGN started back in 1997 under the original name of  MEGIDDO & then
changed it to
SONIC REIGN in 1999. The band is another band hailing from Germany, but
these guys play extreme Black Metal music. They play in the style of early European Black
Metal music that is dark, cold and raw, just the way Black Metal should be. They do have
some slightly orchestrated parts, but it's just enough to be noticed, not to dominate. I can
definitely hear the influence of the German Thrash Metal scene in their sound, especially
the guitars. They don't have that typical noisy and static like Black Metal guitar sound, but
rather a nice crunchy and driving Thrash Metal type style. I loved the guitars because I felt
it really help drive their sound a lot. Then the vocals add more to the sound by being mid
ranged groggy type Black metal growls, but just on that edge, enough so you can
understand the lyrics. I dig bands like this because it reminds me of the old days of the
underground music scene when every band was very supportive, doing what they love and
just playing for themselves and not trying to become super stars over night. Cold harsh
Black Metal that calls to the for fathers of the scene and spews forth some amazingly
aggressive and extreme sounds. SONIC REIGN is yet another band out Germany that will
help push their scene into the faces of the rest of the world, just like back in the late 80's.