SOUL REMNANTS hails from Boston, Massachusetts and play a killer combination
Death Metal and Black Metal music. They have a very strong Death Metal foundation,
but the Black Metal elements are very present. They tend to lean towards and old school
American style of Death Metal music with a mix of brutality and technicality. The
American Death Metal influences sound like Florida Death Metal blended with Mid West
Death Metal from the mid '90's era. The Black Metal elements tend to sound like a
Norwegian influence. They have a very thick Death Metal sound that his blanketed with
cold and dark Black Metal elements. They add in some really cool hooks, grooves and riffs
all through out. The vocals are done in a lower ended Death Metal growl with some mid
ranged and harsher Black Metal growls and screams. If you want to hear a band that
knows how to do old school Death Metal correctly, then you need to check out
. Listening to "BLACK AND BLOOD" took me back to the good old days
of Death Metal music of the '90's when there was a strong support in the Death Metal
scene and everyone really supported each other.
SOUL REMNANTS is one of those
bands that if they keep putting out crushing albums like this will surely leave it's mark on
the Death Metal scene.