SPEAKING TO THE DEAF is a Metalcore band out of Italy that formed back in 2008.
"THIS EQUIPMENT MUST BE HEARTED" is the bands first release to date. When this
album kicked in, it started out the way I thought it was going to be. It had a melodic Gothic
Metal sound and this is what i was expecting the whole way through. When the second  song
"My Sacrifice" kicked in, it went straight into a Metalcore style and continued on from there.
These guys play a different style of Metalcore than most bands out there. They play
Metalcore mixed with Melodic Death Metal music. I am not a huge fan of melodic Metal
unless it's in Black or Gothic Metal, but these guys hooked me from the start. They balance
the melodic parts perfectly with the all out brutal and aggressive parts. They actually have a
lot of Hardcore & Post Hardcore influences all through out the whole album as well. I love
how it will go into this slow melodic flowing passage and then slam you in the face with
aggression and brutality. There are a decent amount of grooved out parts that pull you in and
then hit you with some breakdowns and stop and start parts. These guys are definitely for
the new school Metalcore / Deathcore fans, but old schoolers should give these guys a
chance, cause I think most will dig what they are doing. These guys may play a very popular
style of Metal at the moment, but they have much variety and a different sound that they
will stand out in the sea of bands from this genre! If this is the bands debut release I'm
anxiously awaiting to see what they offer up next!!!